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Premier Workshop

(2 ½ hour session, followed by author’s book-signing.)

Journey To My Destiny – “The Experience” - Bring the Journey To My Destiny workshop experience to your women’s group and let us deliver an incredibly dynamic, life-changing message of empowerment and purpose.

Through the workshop experience attendees will:

Other Topics:


Secrets Of The Seasons There is “A Time To Every Season”, and every season whispers its own hidden code. Your bitter winter may secretly be a time of reflection, redirection, and healing. In this review of Chapter 10, you’ll learn to recognize the voice of the season you are in and truly live a fruitful life.


Your Assignment - Did you know that each day of your life has it’s own purpose? Recognizing your assignment on earth begins with fulfilling daily purpose. Say no to distractions that keep you from  staying on course. Learn to put into practice the simple principle revealed in Chapter 12 and your life will ever be the same. Powerful!


Who’s In Your Life? - In this session you’ll take inventory of the relationships in your life as outlined in Chapter 9. You’ll evaluate the significance of difficult people, learn the meaning of an adversary, and say no to draining relationships. Essential teaching!


High Heels On The Ladder Of Success - Your view of the ladder will change as you explore the often unseen paths that lead to success. Drawn from both her personal and professional life experiences, Stacie inspires women to achieve better ways of living your dreams that don’t involve tripping over one another or exhausting yourself. As you recognize the community of women who share the ladder, you’ll enjoy the blessing of investing in the lives of others. Girls, it’s time to put on your big-girl shoes and get ready to ascend to new heights!

  Many Others Upon Request.  

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